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Thoughts and demo: Be curious and adventurous with technology like SharePoint

Be Adventurous image

This title is a bit like Brene Brown’s phrase “stay awkward brave and kind” but applied to Tech, read on to understand what I mean.

Too often than none I hear users telling me “it was just in front of my eye/mouse but I didn’t know that it was that simple”.
My theory is that the majority of computer users (eg. all of us), is afraid of trying and touching because it “used to be” that things would break, badly!
So we got used to not being curious and not trying ourselves.
Computer systems do not break as often and even when they do, we usually have ways of rolling back and recovering the changes.
So we need to be more adventurous and discover features without waiting to be shown.
Here is an example of a SharePoint list customisation, however, I could show similar with Excel columns and rows or any software: Just give it a try.


The videos I publish are so short that they will not generate any revenue on YouTube but I want to continue to contribute to unlock and build solutions. If you find it useful you can just