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📽MS Teams is amazing when using on more than one device

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I like to do different things, hence in my work, I consult for clients and also I teach both Digital Marketing courses and Microsoft subject matters such as SharePoint and of course a lot of Microsoft Teams!

While I use Zoom for the digital marketing courses, I use Teams for many of my corporate clients and teaching. One has feature that I wish the other also had, but Teams has something that others don’t!

More than once I have had some connectivity on one of these platforms, and needed to quickly switch to a difference device such as my phone or tablet just to let the participants know. There is a significantly big difference between multiple sessions and devices with MS Teams and doing the same with another tool. In this video I am demonstrating the experience of switching between a Microsoft Teams on Windows 10 to a mobile and then to a Mac, and you will see that the audience basically does not even realise that we may have switched! This is just pretty good and, for me, means that Teams should be celebrated just for that or at least that the competition has to quickly catch up and do the same!

Please forgive the poor lightning and not so pro sound – try to focus on the content demo itself 😉