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Sharepoint 2013 "mark task complete"

A great new feature in 2013 is the ability for a user to “mark task complete” straight from the task list without having to edit the item and click.
Screenshot below illustrates what this is
The issue I had today is that -somehow- the column to tick that task was actually not showing anymore from the task views. The list is definitely a Tasks list but the content type although originally inheriting from the out-of-the-box Task parent Site Collection CT has some custom columns in the site Content Type level.
Cause of issue (why the column was gone): not found yet, may be the “completed” column was edited by a user with design rights, but the formula inside was correct.
Solution: that’s the bad news.

  • Re-adding the column again didn’t work as it would not show the column as a Check Box magically but as a value “Yes/No” .. not useful.
  • Recreating the view and making it exactly like an out-of-the-box task view did not work, same as above.
  • Only solution was to re-create the list fully, and re-add the Custom Task Content Type, then remove the default “Task” Content Type. Once done task can be copy across if needed, as long as there no workflow in progress users will not be disturb as you may even change the URL to the original list later on.

Not a great finding on this feature I am afraid, but since nothing came up on a quick internet search I thought I would share it.
Have you ever wondered how to re-use this “mark as complete” in a fully customised list (not tasks App originally) ? One would think it’s the whole point of having such column, to be able to re-use it somewhere else, right. I could not.
Anyone  ?