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How to show technology know-how without boring users

With technology evolving all the time. Users are often feeling behind with technology.

Class training is still one of the best way to learn anything new, since it’s an intense, immersive experience and one on one or group sharing opportunity to exchange with trainer and trainees on the same subject.

I also recommend my clients having regular “touch-base” with the users to show them bite-sized tips and tricks that could be useful for their daily job with computer (and specifically SharePoint and Office 365).

I often organise

  • breakfast & lunch show & tell, a 30 min session where people turn up to grab a bite and learn something new
  • open door IT clinics, where all users of the same floor are invited to come and ask questions, get their issues looked at and generally get some technical help.
  • and of course, webcam and screen-sharing coaching sessions where they can learn as I guide them.

Do not leave your users unattended!

Or they will find other way with other systems than the one you gave them.

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