Slides from Sharepoint Saturday UK co-presentation on Sharepoint Integration and BI

My friend and Sharepoint Architect Ben and I had a really good time presenting this session last Saturday.
With an ambitious presentation title the slides I just uploaded were used to decrypt that title before getting onto a Live Demo of CRM 2013 and Sharepoint 2013 integration using BCS, OData and WebServices. Then we moved on to “what to do with that data”, and created some interactive BI tables, charts and maps (flat) in Excel PowerView and the newly released PowerMaps (3D maps), to finally publish them onto Sharepoint on-premise in a PowerView Libraries and to Office365 in a PowerBI library (beta).
In those slides you can get access to our Office365 demo of PowerBI and Powermaps , just make sure you log in before opening PowerBI link on the left of this site, as PowerBI doesn’t work yet for anonymous users. (our demo site will be available only before 20th Nov.13)
[slideshare id=28130219&doc=spsuk-bafs09112013-131111150246-phpapp02]