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 Great new features announced for Microsoft Teams, but what about fixing the performance issues?

Is Teams going to improve its performance

I am so looking forward to putting my hands on Together Mode as well as the Dynamic View, and experience the promised new way of having online meeting and classes, including helping the “Zoom /Teams Fatigue“.

However, if it seems that Teams doesn’t stop to impress and align with rivals in terms of features, little is said about its reliability or performance issue during an actual call.

Don’t get me wrong, being a SharePoint guy, I looooove Teams. Finally, do we have an easy approach to collaboration, inviting guests has never been simpler and surfacing information from only one interface finally work!

I use Teams, Google Meet and Zoom daily, I cannot stick with one because I need to adapt to my customers’ conference tool of choice. Let’s be clear: all of them have performance issue! All of them crash every now and then and especially all of them have randomly slowed my computer from time to time. But most of these problems are random, and at most, they may occur once every 3 calls.

With Teams, however, when it is really flowless is the exception rather than the norm.

There are various fixes possible to the performance problem, but why is the end-user having to implement that and not the software testing the device and adapting to the best settings?

Source: New Microsoft Teams update: Together Mode and smart displays