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The real Word Online vs. Google Docs measure

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Google doc vs Word Online

I have read a lot of BS regarding that topic recently (for instance-> here, which strangely do not respond to comments) . Trying to “review” such and such product, but clearly biased toward one and not giving much favour to the other. This led me to revive a video I made a couple of months ago but never ended posting because the sound was so bad.

So I did a new voice-over and here it is.

This test shows 2 users on the same document, in a Google doc and then in a Word online document. It came up as I was training a group of end-user in Office 365 and demonstrating having 6 people collaborating, one of the users was so relieved to see the experience they were getting. But no spoiler, check out the video to see what happens.

(have fun trying to read what speech-to-text is getting from my accent, that’s pure artwork too 😉