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Need an accountability buddy?

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A woman is sitting on her desk, looking very exhausted by screen fatigue

These days, and much before the pandemic I mainly work from home, I love it since I can do a lot more without spending time commuting to clients. And best of all, I don’t spend time in pointless meetings, all my meetings are precise to the topic of the current project we are preparing.

Great! Expect that seeing and talking to people is a basic need and I am an extrovert so I actually get a kick out of discovering new people all the time.

This is why I regularly join some virtual groups, where we all work on our separate tasks, and we basically get our sh&t done! We talk before the hour-long of deep work, we explain what we might be focusing on during the next 45 hours and then we appear again 45 min later on the webcam.

The fact that some human beings are on the other end and may be asking how we did is super energising and I love it!

And bonus: we also take one small “tech tip” to share, so everyone can learn something too!

Join us, at the moment we started a regular one every Friday at 9am UK time (Except the Xmas period), just click this link to register and get the link to join (no marketing, whatsoever).