Work can be so much better than "work"

A few months ago, I was training a client in Nintex and since we got to be on a friendly level I asked him how his work and and career prospective was pleasing him, he just said “well you know, work is work“. I was enraged! What the hell does it mean?! What’s the point of going to work if you don’t enjoy it a tiny bit ?!
He disliked most of what he did before the training subject I was giving him was only a small part of his daily tasks.  Granted, he also told me that he was only a few years to taking his retirement leave. 
This morning as I was leaving a new client’s meeting I reflected on this comment from the past, it has been haunting me for while because I wished not to ever be in that mindset. 
I am the lucky one, I love what I do because I take pride on explaining things to people, explaining how to can make their working day better. 
My best reward is when I see a smile on a user who suddenly realised how much time they will be able to save by using a better tool, how their job may change after their department site goes live, or a company director who can finally access his employees’s documents while travelling. 
I am a solution finder, I like to take a different perspective of a problem and consider an alternative view that may solve where others got stuck. I am no better than others, I just step back and reflect why we are trying to achieve that thing and it may come. 
As the years past it is never impossible that I think like that user and just wake daily for the only sake of reaching retirement day, but even if I had 20 days left to that, I certainly hope that I will make them to good use and get that smile of people’s face. 
Make everyday worth living for or something needs to change in that life.