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Wunderlist Joins Microsoft!

I have been using Wunderlist for a few years now, often tried a different shared-todo-list that can sync between devices and people simply but always came back to it.
So I am a big fan, although the release roadmap has not been super fast in the past 12 months, it kept doing a good job and that’s what counts.
Now Microsoft is assimilating Wunderlist team (and 13 Millions users) , I am just hoping that we are not going to see another scenario of really good-yet-small company that gets eaten by a giant just to get the brains and kill the product, I know this is more the Yahoo! style, so we should be safe with Microsoft. Fingers crossed !
\anyway, as a startup this is amazing for Wunderlist so Congratulations to the team !
Our Future, Wunderlist Joins Microsoft.