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Subscribe to my YouTube channel where I “explain Tech”

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I have just created a brand new channel on YouTube where I “explain Tech”.

Within my daily work, I capture many screen-recording that explain a short point and send it to my users so that they can progress with their learning or solution finding.

I have been told many times that these can be useful to more so I started recording them and publishing on YouTube. If this is useful please let me know and subscribe and share.

Preview of YouTube channel page

Below are the first few videos, more to come.

2021 updated comparison of Word vs GDoc collaboration features

Preview YouTube video

(This is a revisit from my previous comparison in 2019: “The real Word Online vs. Google Docs measure” )

How to use Microsoft Forms to collect choices of menu at school – Watch Video

Preview YouTube video

SharePoint List vs. Teams List – pros and cons

Preview YouTube video