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About François Souyri

Professional photograph of Francois Souyri (blog author), who is wearing brown glasses and a short sleeves black shirt with the hand on the chin. HE is smiling at the camera and wears bracelets on his left arm.

Hi, my name is François Souyri (LinkedIn profile) but don’t worry about how to pronounce my name, everyone calls me by my first name in English “/frænˈswɑː“.

I consider myself very lucky to spend my time finding solutions to some everyday challenges with the help of technology.

To understand From a young age, I have been fascinated by using technology for helping people to get things done or improve their doing.

I was born in France, raised in West Africa (mainly Côte d’Ivoire & Gabon) and then studied in the South of France and England (as an Erasmus student!), to finally work and live in London since 2004.

After years in the Lotus Notes Domino world (for the ones who remember it!), I crossed over to the “dark side” of Microsoft technologies in 2007 and became specialised in the early versions of Sharepoint (2003/WSS2).

Since I work and teach in the realm of Digital Transformation and Digital Marketing, I use this blog to post my tips and any kind of knowledge sharing that I think might be useful to anyone if not myself. Each “post” is categorised in one of these buckets:

  • SharePoint (15 years of experience, and still doing a lot of this!)
  • Branding (not being a graphic designer myself, but I like to understand how to take their design and integrate it to a system)
  • Workflow (I do love all kinds of automation, as they are game changers in any business but also for individuals to be more productive!)
  • Anything else (I do not just live and breathe tech, so anything else will show under here)

In addition to working as a consultant and developing solutions with my team, I am also a Speaker (presenting in front of a crowd and presenting), Digital Coach (individual sessions and “office hours” and Instructor (online classes and group training).

To find out more, enquire to hire me for training or consulting, please use this LinkTree: