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New Video Upload : 2 min: How to rename a Microsoft Team and its SharePoint site

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Confused about where to change the name of a SharePoint site.
If my site is also a Microsoft Teams “team”, do I rename it in Microsoft Teams or both?
How about the actual site address on the browser?
This short walk-through will explain how it works to rename a site.

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2 thoughts on “New Video Upload : 2 min: How to rename a Microsoft Team and its SharePoint site”

  1. You seemed to say, “SharePoint,” at the beginning when we were still looking at MS Teams. Also, did I miss something? Where did you go in “Admin” to modify the URL.

    Lastly, it might be worth mentioning that this operation will cause any links that we shared to the SharePoint site to fail.

    1. Well spotted!
      1)I mentioned that “I am going to talk about SharePoint as well” (as Teams) and I did do a lapsus linguae “here we are on SharePoint” where the interface is clearly Teams ;-).
      A Team always creates a SharePoint site and soon we may even say “Site” regardless of where we are and understand that we mean the “engine” storing documents.
      2) I did not modify the URL of the site but explained that it will not be unless going to Teams or SharePoint Admin.
      3) I do not have a disclaimer since site owners and tenant administrators should understand the responsibility and attempt anything on a test site first. Indeed, renaming a site has consequences.
      If a site has data I would advise using a data migration third party tool that helps re-linking all.

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